A Journey Through Nature
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Jack & Judi Kendall

My wife, Judi, and I live in southern Oregon and are surrounded by as great a variety of natural beauty as is to be found anywhere. While some is close at hand, other places are to be found within a fairly short driving distance. Whenever possible we enjoy taking a break and not infrequently, with our two German shepherds along as company.

My interest in photography had an early beginning many years ago when almost all photography was done in black and white. At that time I had two small daughters who were the primary objects of my initial efforts and during those early years, pictures of people continued to be my primary objects of interest, though as my interest and skill increased I went on to other things, people continued to be my primary focus. As my interest grew, I eventually acquired all the necessary items to fully equip a dark room. However, as time passed and black and white photography largely gave way to color other interests and life changes began to demand more of my time and I eventually gave up photography altogether.

Then in recent years, as digital photography came into its own, I found myself again having the time and resources to enjoy my old hobby and with our abundance of natural beauty, my interest turned to nature photography. Initially, our interest was to record the things we enjoy for our personal enjoyment, but over time it became a way of sharing with friends who were at a distance. Eventually, the appreciation expressed by these friends lead us to realize that perhaps there are others who might also enjoy sharing in the beauty we have so much come to enjoy. If you find you enjoy the material recorded on these pages half as much as we do, then our purpose for making them available has been a success.

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